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By: Matt Ingold

March 10th, 2017

Three Must-Have Employee Communications When Changing Payroll Service Companies

Workforce Management | HRIS | Payroll

Swapping payroll providers can be an administrative headache, but the real pain happens when the right communications fail to make it down to the employee level. The ripple effect of a total workforce management system shift, when not managed properly, can cause employees to quickly form a mile-long queue outside of HR’s door. The following items are the three must-have employee communications when changing payroll service companies.

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By: Matt Ingold

February 27th, 2017

10 Ways to Prepare for a State Comptroller Payroll Audit

Compliance & Auditing | Payroll

While a necessary accountability measure, there are few things municipalities dread more than a visit from the State Comptroller. If unprepared, a routine audit can quickly monopolize the resources of already short-staffed town, village, and city administrative departments. So how can municipalities best prepare to for their next state comptroller audit? Auditor and Senior Examiner, William Naylor, of the NYS Comptroller’s Office shared a few insights at the 2017 New York Towns Conference.

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By: James Hart

October 17th, 2016

The 5 pieces of a fully integrated HR system

HRIS | Obamacare Reporting | HR | Payroll | FMLA | TLM

All properly integrated Human Resource Management System have five main parts that make up a greater and more powerful system, just like how it takes five robot lions to form Voltron Defender of the Universe. These pieces are Payroll, Time and Labor Management, Affordable Care Act Reporting, FMLA Administration, and Benefit Enrollment.

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By: Matt Ingold

February 18th, 2016

Benetech at the NY Towns and Villages Conference: What We Learned About Municipal Workforce Mangement

Workforce Management | Obamacare Reporting | Payroll | Municipal

Nothing like crazy New York weather. We boarded the train in Albany for the Annual NY Towns Association Conference to a frigid -18 degrees, and two days later returned home to a soggy 58 degrees.  But the weather wasn’t the only dynamic event taking place. Benetech joined the ranks of New York state’s towns and villages staffers and elected officials for annual training at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. The event boasted a strong crowd of more than 1200 attendees and nearly 90 exhibitor booths, with training session topics ranging from energy management to drone commercialization to record keeping. Around the Benetech booth, however, the topic of conversation was municipal workforce management processes, and how to make the transition from the paper punch cards to biometric time clocks, and evolve from spreadsheet management to integrated payroll and automated report writers.   In our conversations, two trends surfaced regarding the current state of affairs for town and village workforce management.

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By: Matt Ingold

February 8th, 2016

What Is the Best Type of Obamacare Software Solution for My Organization?

1095-C | Obamacare Reporting | benefits administration | Payroll

Shopping for Affordable Care Act software is a lot like installing a new shower: your goal is to get a solution that leaves you feeling clean, and the plumber wants to talk about the plumbing, accessories, and where the water is coming from. You can shower with a watering can just the same as in a private suite at the Ritz. The difference is in the experience. So, how does this whacky analogy translate to how you shop for an Obamacare software solutions? At this stage in the market, we’ve seen an assortment of different ACA software options hit the shelves, and nearly all of them complete the paramount task of building and filing your 1095/1094-C forms. That’s a no-brainer.  Rather than comparing vendors by output, employers are comparing them in their mechanism for gathering the required data they need, and seeing how they can do it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In other words, employers are evaluating ACA solution vendors in their ability to plug their solution into their current "plumbing" network of payroll, time and labor, and benefits administration. Employers are shopping for a compliance experience. Some employers need the "luxury shower" ACA solution, where others may be perfectly satisfied with the "watering can". 

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By: Matt Ingold

February 1st, 2016

What's the Secret to Predicting Payroll Customer Service?

Strategic HR | HRIS | Payroll

Any sales associate will tell you, nine times out of ten it’s emotion that drives an employer to dump one payroll vendor for another. When we dig into the dissatisfaction, we get responses like the following: “I don’t feel like I’m valued.” “I can never get ahold of anyone.” “Every quarter I’m assigned a new rep.” "I'm sick of taking a ticket and waiting in-line for my rep." Pricing can be pretty compelling, but more so than cost, employers are changing payroll vendors because they can’t stand the impersonal customer service. So, how can your payroll vendor’s average client size be a telltale of the type of service you’ll get?

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By: Matt Ingold

January 21st, 2016

Why Do Obamacare Solution Vendors Try to Sell Me Payroll?

1095-C | Obamacare Reporting | Payroll

There is nothing more frustrating than when a salesman pulls the old bait n’ switch—luring you in with one product with the intent of selling you something completely different. Rightfully so, it’s a pretty unethical practice. So why are so many Obamacare Solution providers making a move for payroll when employers are looking for a stand-alone ACA solution? Is it just another bait n’ switch? The answer has to do with streamlining data collection and how Affordable Care Act software providers have engineered their software to get to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible! So what does it mean for your solution search?

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By: Matt Ingold

December 7th, 2015

Compare Locally Headquartered Albany Capital Region Payroll Vendors

HRMS | Obamacare | Obamacare Reporting | Payroll

When it comes to selecting a payroll vendor, often times having a local office can be the difference between talking to a real person when you call for help or getting a ticket number and 48-hour callback window. We call this getting the Fortune-500 treatment. For employers in the Albany Capital Region looking for locally headquartered payroll providers, we've compiled a short list of backyard payroll vendors that have a vested interest in the local community and real-life local reps ready to field your phone calls or show up onsite. 

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