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May 4th, 2017

Three Benefits of Training Management Software

HR Best Practices

The demands of Human Capital Management (HCM) are rapidly expanding the roles of HR professionals beyond the traditional areas of employee welfare and compliance. Strategic HR Partners are expected to leverage HCM strategies to impact organizations in key performance areas of productivity, employee engagement, and skills development.

But every strategic development comes with an administrative requirement to track investment and success.

Yikes! This could mean yet another spreadsheet, but who has time for that? This blog explores the benefits of training management software, and how this tool can help strategic HR professionals focus on employee development and avoid getting caught up in further administrative tracking?

Better Skills Tracking

SHRM promotes that Skills Tracking is an essential function of recruiting, training, and succession planning. By compiling an inventory of skills, education, and experiences of current employees, into a single training management software, organizations have quick insights into skills gaps for identifying training or recruiting priorities.

SHRM shares that skills inventories “help guide hiring decisions that will ensure management has the manpower necessary to meet the current and future needs of the organization.” Undoubtedly—a strategic need.

Better Course Management

Ok, so you’ve identified which employees need what training; now you have to plug them into the right courses while staying within your company training budget. Course management entails:

  1. Monitoring what employees completed what courses
  2. Tallying continuing education units associated with courses
  3. Tracking the total cost of training

Smart companies also leverage their investment in employee development as a powerful retention tool. Those performing the best practices of training and performance management are sure to share the company’s investment in an employee’s development within their total compensation report during performance review time.

Better Certifications Tracking

From organizations with highly technical employees with continuing education units to those with annual HR training or certification requirements, staying on top of expiring credentials can be a full-time job. From a budgetary and course scheduling standpoint, HR departments need to be able to forecast critical certificate expirations and develop a regular offering of re-certification opportunities.

That being said, there is a sweet spot between offering too many re-cert courses (blowing your budget and disrupting employee productivity) and offering too few and falling out of compliance. One of the most frustrating things training managers deal with is discovering the day after their re-certification course that they missed an employee, or when critical employees call in sick the day of a training.

Again, like with the skills tracking benefits, a training management software helps HR and training managers identify critical skills or certification gaps and prioritize their time and budget toward those development and re-certification courses that will have the greatest impact on the organization.

For information on how Benetech's Human Capital Management Technology can help your organization get a handle on tracking their training, click here for some additional info on our software. 

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Mistakes are expensive, especially when building benefit plans.

We've outlined the 3 most common mistakes employers make when offering benefits in a quick ebook. Get your copy free when you subscribe to our blog.

Before you leave...

Mistakes are expensive, especially when building benefit plans.

We've outlined the 3 most common mistakes employers make when offering benefits in a quick ebook. Get your copy free when you subscribe to our blog.